Weight Loss Reveal

Erin looked in the mirror and saw a person she’d never seen before. Her whole life she’d been athletic, fit and healthy. But after a cross-country move for work, Erin found herself coping with unhappinessby eating and had transformed into someone she hadn’t recognized. But on Jan. 1, 2013, Erin woke up and a light went on. “This is the year I’m going to take back my health.” And she did just that. She took control of her life and worked hard to transform back into the woman she once was. More than a year later, Erin was in a dress shop trying on wedding gowns with her mom when she once again looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize who she saw. “I didn’t think that when I would be trying on dresses, I would look that way in the mirror – It was awesome!”

Erin tells us how she was able to transform her body and mind and what we can learn from her struggles.

Thank you Carliss and Bob’s Gym !