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Chain of Command

I didn’t decide that this was the way it was going to be, it just worked out this way. My husband, let’s call him James (OK, that’s his real name), and I have a very loving and committed relationship. I will share what it is like for me; take what you want and leave...

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Unreasonable Boss

I have had many bosses in my life, but the ones I have now are by far the most unreasonable. I went to one of my bosses in upper management (we will call him Jude), and I said, "Hey, I have this great idea for a team building activity. It will get us out of the office...

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Essential Parenting Classes

I'm going to contact all the local colleges and high schools to pitch an idea: Offer these classes that are essential to parenting. These are great classes for the amateur or seasoned parent. LEGO Engineering: 101, 201, 301Advanced Fort Building Healthy Eating...

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