Project Reveal

What a powerful year it has been! Project Reveal considers it the greatest privilege to serve women, girls and families in our community.

Here are a several highlights from 2016:

575 people attended the Dancing Angels Butterfly Release.

200 girls and their families learned and shared at Girl Talk.

150 girls and their parents experienced a fun morning at Girls: Embrace Your Body.

15 girl models were photographed by 7 junior photographers, who were mentored by 7 professional photographers, fostering conversation with girls about loving who we are.

275 people attended the powerful event Embrace Your Body and thousands have viewed the gallery on our website.

37 models shared their body journey through photography for Embrace Your Body.

We completed season two of our television series on PBS/WNIN. Nine episodes aired, tacking various topics, including substance abuse, divorce and parenting.

The Before I Die wall traveled around our community, providing space for people to publicly write their deepest dreams. The board also became the “Memory Wall,” “What I Love about Myself Wall,” and “What I am Thankful for Wall.”

Even though we have accomplished so much together this past year, there is still much to be done in our community, and we have lot in store for 2017.

Next year will bring: Daddy’s Braid, Dancing Angels Butterfly Release, Girl Talk, Girls: Embrace Your Body, Embrace Your Body and season three of our television series on PBS.

Will you help us continue our mission?

Project Reveal is about sparking a connection within ourselves and with like-minded people. It’s about women sharing to inspire and challenge us to grow and go after what we really want while remaining kind to ourselves and being of service to others.

Our suicide episode encouraged a woman to start a suicide prevention class at her church. At the sky lantern event a woman reached out to resources we had on site saying, “I am ready to talk about my abuse,” after a speaker candidly shared about her own struggle with domestic violence. We gave tools to hundreds of parents to start and continue conversations with their young girls about positive body image, self love and love for others, body changes and so much more during Girl Talk.

In two years, more than 100 women have bared their body and soul to our cameras. This declaration of self confidence and love was communicated to hundreds of women and men viewing these images in the gallery and thousands worldwide viewing the photos and stories online.

But we need your help to continue our mission. Honor a woman who has made a difference in your life with a donation or celebrate yourself by supporting Project Reveal.

Last year we celebrated our second birthday! Thank you for continuing to support Project Reveal!

Connection is powerful. Many of us have been through one hell of a roller-coaster ride with one challenge or another but have fought our way back to the top choosing to succeed. By listening to their stories, we can find hope that our ride will end smoothly.

In just two short years we have begun and continued important conversations through our empowerment events such as Embrace Your Body, Girls: Embrace Your Body, Girl Talk, Release Your Inhibitions: Sky Lantern Release Event and our television series airing at 9 p.m. Thursdays on PBS/WNIN.

We believe taking ownership of our lives is a lifelong practice, but sometimes we need a little encouragement and validating. That’s where Project Reveal comes in. Change can feel scary, so we’ve facilitated unique experiences in our events, website and television series in hopes of igniting passion, reconnecting you with your truest and most authentic self allowing you to live the life you dream of and providing you with a place where you don’t feel alone.

Project Reveal’s mission is to encourage and inspire women by creating awareness about life issues, to provide resources to help them to celebrate, love and respect themselves and be the best woman for herself, family and community.
– Stacey Godbold, Founder