I took two of the triplets to the grocery. This is the first time i’ve done this. I took all of them when they were tiny babies and I was pushing their stroller with one hand and pulling the cart with the other. It was a shit show.

They are able to sit up on their own now and our local grocery story has a double cart so off I went.

Here’s the problem:
I literally have no idea what groceries I just bought.

I seriously wasn’t paying a bit of attention.

60% of my brain was thinking, “oh my god they are so cute”, coupled by taking tons of pictures and video. 

30% was having “the usual” conversations with admirers.

5% was focused on the food I needed to put in the cart.

The last 5% was the normal garbage that goes on in my head like….
I love chocolate, Embrace Your Body event, I want a cinnamon roll, I can’t wait to lift tomorrow, What fun activity are Jude and I going to do tomorrow, why do ppl keep asking me if Jillian and Reid are identical- she is wearing a pink and blue shirt and pink pants??

I can’t wait to get the groceries out and see what I got!!

– Stacey (Creator of Project Reveal)