I’m going to contact all the local colleges and high schools to pitch an idea:
Offer these classes that are essential to parenting. These are great classes for the amateur or seasoned parent.

LEGO Engineering: 101, 201, 301

Advanced Fort Building 
Healthy Eating Trickery: 101,201,301
Toy Engineering: 101,201,301 
Ethics 101: How much poop is ok on the outfit before you have to change it

I asked a few friends to help  me with a more class ideas…here is what they came up with.

Nerf Gun Sharpshooter 101, 201.
Everyday Tasks Using Only One Hand 400- must have already completed Peeing in Front of Others 350 before registering.
Referee 101
Art of negotiating 101
Get your butt in bed 101
Stay in bed 201
Go the F to sleep 301
Car seats 101
Strollers 400
Trimming Toddler Toenails 101 (Obviously a Physical Education credit)
Transformer Engineering
When you curse- repeating the phrase and change it to something that sounds like it but doesn’t make any damn sense- 101
(example- driving – “are you fucking kidding me lady”- immediately changing it to “Look at the duck and that lady.” Kid- “where?!” Me-“AW- you must have missed it”)