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MISSION: To encourage and inspire women by creating awareness about life issues, to provide resources to help them to celebrate, love and respect themselves and be the best woman for herself, family and community.


Board of Directors 

Celebrating Women

Embracing and loving ourselves is a conversation that needs to be ongoing. We are continuing that conversation!

Inspiring Others

By telling our stories we can inspire others to be the best they can be for themselves, their family and their community. Being of service to others is the best way we can step outside of ourselves and our problems.

Creating Awareness

Our goal is to break the shame, guilt and misunderstanding of women’s issues such as mental illness, abuse and even what a stay at home mom does all day. We hope to provide a perspective change so we can all look at each other with kinder eyes and respect each other’s journeys.

Providing Resources

We want to be the nudge that inspires taking action in your life. With everything we do, we will provide a resource that helps you on your journey.

Recent Reveals

Mission: To encourage and inspire women by creating awareness about life issues, to provide resources to help them celebrate, love and respect themselves so they may be best woman for herself, family and community.

The Prelude

I used walk into work and stroll to my desk every day wearing my steamed slacks and a cardigan, my hair tousled with curls. From the outside it looked like everything was great — I had an amazing husband, sweet son and wonderful job. That image though wasn’t my reality at all. My heart was so heavy some days I could hardly breathe. My husband and I were struggling with conceiving a second child. And those fertility struggles — let’s be honest — they were awful. As I sat through work meetings with mostly women, I would look around the room and think, “Everything is great in their life.” I was Judgy Mc Judgerson. I judged my insides with their outsides. I would see that they had a nicer car than me and think, “They aren’t struggling financially. She must be so happy.” I would see a beautiful, sparkling ring on a woman’s finger and think, “Her marriage must be perfect.” I would look at a house that was larger than mine and think, “They must be so happy in their big, beautiful home.” The part that was the most disheartening was that one of my main goals at that point in my life was to empower and support woman but what I was really doing with the exact opposite. I felt gross. It was eating my lunch. I was projecting all of my fears, insecurities and anger on to other women. But I knew in my heart that all of this was bogus, and I just needed to prove it to myself. I needed to know that everyone...

The Truth About Embrace Your Body

  I had triplets in September of 2013. Yes, triplets; three babies at one time were in my belly. With triplets came a world of change, including my body. And with that was body issues I’d never faced before. I had this pooch in my lower belly that I’d never seen before. I still had what most would consider a “nice body.” Most days I teetered between “I like my body” and “my body is ruined.” I saw a muffin top that sprouted out of my pants when I sat down. My breasts were sagging looking like someone put a tennis ball in a sock — OK, it wasn’t that bad, but that is how it felt to me, what I saw. When I looked in the mirror I tried so hard to love what I saw. I kept telling myself, “Love your body. You had THREE babies in there!  You pumped milk from your breasts like a machine in order to nourish them. This is normal!” I started with positive affirmations in the mirror to myself. It wasn’t always easy but it helped a lot. Three months after giving birth I contacted a local magazine I had worked with in the past. I told them I wanted to do a photo shoot with the triplets wearing only a sports bra and shorts illustrating a woman embracing her body, even a body that had just birthed triplets! I wanted to talk about my struggles and determination to love my body no matter the size. My goal was that in being vulnerable I would encourage women to start the same journey...

No one can rain on this mom’s parade !

Throw yourself a parade! I do!  A couple of times a week I throw myself a parade in own head, seriously. It’s not that I don’t get praise from my husband or other friends and family, but life is so challenging that sometimes I feel like I’ve earned it — that little brain parade. Being a working mom is not easy. I’m blessed beyond measure that I have a supportive husband who will pick up nearly any of the traditional “mom” pieces that are dropped in the wake of my insane overscheduled life. But even with that, it can be rough. So when I’m able to work a nine-hour day, come home, nurse my son and get a meal — from scratch mind you — on the table for my family of four before 6:30 p.m., I think I’ve earned a parade! I know, I know — it’s not very realistic for me to expect the marching band to be on standby for when I pull one of those stellar, magical, all the pieces fell into place nights off. Instead of expecting tractors, waving fair queens and a steady drum beat in my living room, I envision them in my head. I see the flags spinning in the air, the tinsel hanging from the float dragging on the concrete and the candy flying through the air. “Momma, what’s wrong?” Miles asks as we are sitting at the dinner table, and I’m zoned out for my brief parade bliss. “Oh, nothing honey,” I say while helping Owen grasp another handful of the avocado he’s eating, or more realistically smearing all...

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