What is Project Reveal?

What is Project Reveal?

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.41.24 PMTo inspire and support women by creating awareness about life issues and encourage honesty and authenticity to help them celebrate love and respect themselves and be the best women for herself, family and community. 

We do this through community outreach, our weekly television series on PBS and programming and events for women, girls and the community.

Project Reveal is a non-profit organization created by Stacey Godbold as a forum through which women can help other women by sharing their stories of strength, and hope through diary, video, and photo reveals. The authentic stories presented on the website provide insights into how women deal with typical life struggles. We are bringing awareness to women’s journeys and serve as a resource. These stories can give hope and inspire women who read them.

The intent is that, by listening to how other women persevered through challenging times, women will not feel alone and we can validate others feelings. They will discover how hardship can shape a woman’s life and her character. Everyone has a story, everyone has trying times. The women profiled on Project Reveal share their stories in hopes to helps others. Our goal is to inspiring, creative, shocking, sometimes funny….and always real and honest. THE STORYTELLERS OF PROJECT REVEAL 

In The News

Creator, Stacey,  and Project Reveal was recognized in the “Best Of” edition of Evansville Living Magazine. Stacey was named Most Revealing Woman for her work on Project Reveal.  

Nominated for a Celebration of Leadership Award

14 News featured Project Reveal.