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The Truth About Embrace Your Body

I had triplets in September of 2013. Yes, triplets; three babies at one time were in my belly. With triplets came a world of change, including my body. And with that was body issues I’d never faced before. READ MORE…

Strong Enough for Help

It was a Thursday when I walked up to the doors of Ark Crisis Child Care Center  (Ark) in a suit. This time though I wasn’t there for a board meeting. I serve on the board of directors of Ark Crisis Center and thought I understood the mission in the work of the organization but I really didn’t. I don’t think you can until are in a situation where you need the help they are providing. READ MORE…

Be Kind To Yourself: Guilt in a time of loss

I wasn’t 100 percent convinced I was ready for a baby when I got pregnant with Jennifer. So when I learned my baby would be born an angel the day before she was scheduled to join our once happy family; the pain was overwhelming. READ MORE…

Domestic Violence : I am not jaded. He just changed me forever.

It was the worst and hardest thing I ever went through. And telling this story in some ways is a torturous reliving of it all, but I want and need something good to come out of it. I am a survivor of domestic violence. But for a year and eight months I was a victim of it. READ MORE…

Finding Your Passion In Life

I hope that in reading my story, you are inspired to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, take your life back and be a champion! A little more than two years ago I was a completely different person — I was the most selfish, negative and pessimistic person you’d ever met. READ MORE…

Open letter to my daughters: When I look at you, sometimes I worry you will be like me — an alcoholic.

As I write this letter, you are young girls. Your beautiful faces are like angels, and I love you more than anything. When I look at you sometimes though I worry you will be like me — an alcoholic.  As I grew up, I felt “less than,” insecure and as if I didn’t get the the manual to life.READ MORE…

Celebrating Women

Embracing and loving ourselves is a conversation that needs to be ongoing. We are continuing that conversation!

Inspiring Others

By telling our stories we can inspire others to be the best they can be for themselves, their family and their community. Being of service to others is the best way we can step outside of ourselves and our problems.

Creating Awareness

Our goal is to break the shame, guilt and misunderstanding of women’s issues such as mental illness, abuse and even what a stay at home mom does all day. We hope to provide a perspective change so we can all look at each other with kinder eyes and respect each other’s journeys.

Providing Resources

We want to be the nudge that inspires taking action in your life. With everything we do, we will provide a resource that helps you on your journey.

Creator,Stacey, was named Most Revealing Woman for her work on Project Reveal in the “Best Of” edition of Evansville Living Magazine.

Stacey Godbold, Creator, received the ‘Leader in Courage’ award during the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Leadership Awards.

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