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Let the Burdens Burn

facebookpinterestinstagram A lot of things can happen in our lives before we stop to look back to see how they’ve followed us. Things that may seem minuscule at times or things that we know are major. In today’s “go go go” society it’s become the norm to push past the...

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The Truth About Embrace Your Body

  I had triplets in September of 2013. Yes, triplets; three babies at one time were in my belly. With triplets came a world of change, including my body. And with that was body issues I’d never faced before. I had this pooch in my lower belly that I’d never seen...

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Strong Enough for Help

It was a Thursday when I walked up to the doors of Ark Crisis Child Care Center  (Ark) in a suit. This time though I wasn't there for a board meeting. I serve on the board of directors of Ark Crisis Center and thought I understood the mission in the work of the...

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